Monday 4 October 2021

Mr Porky - Original Scratchings

  Review by Lynda from Lincolnshire

Original scratchings from Mr Porky, Corby, Northants

Cost :

£0.89 for 65 grams


Delicious with loads of seasoning. Score 4.


Crunchy and plenty of soft savoury parts, mostly bite size pieces. Score 4.

Soft bits/hard bits ratio: 

Nearly perfect as you would expect from “the Nation’s favourite” (quote from their packaging). Score 4.


Absolutely more-ish, hard to stop eating once you’ve had one. Score 4.

Urgh bits: 

No yucky bits here so no points deducted.

Worth the money: 

Yes, and there was just the right amount in the bag. Score 2.

Total points = 18.0

Scores On The Doors:

18.0 – Mr Porky – Original Scratchings

15.5 - G. Simmons & Sons - Pork Crunch

8.0 - Midlands Snacks - Traditional Pork Scratchings

6.0 – Picks Butchers, Dorrington – Pork Scratchings

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