Monday 29 November 2021

Traditional Pork Scratchings by Black Country Snacks

 Review by Lynda from Lincolnshire


£1.10 for 45 grams, which works out as £2.44 per 100 grams


Not evenly flavoured, some quite bland, and others had me reaching for a drink. Score 3.5


Nice crunch without fearing for my teeth. Score 4.0

Soft bits/hard bits ratio: 

There were a lot of soft parts to balance the crunch. Score 3.0


Sort of, but had a mega-salty bit last so would have stopped there anyway. Score 4.0

Urgh bits: 

None here. Will mention there was a lot of crumb.

Worth the money? 

Pricey and lots of bits so maybe not. Score 0

Scores On The Doors:

18.0 – Mr Porky – Original Scratchings

15.5 - G. Simmons & Sons - Pork Crunch

14.5 – Black Country Snacks - Traditional Pork Scratchings

8.0 - Midlands Snacks - Traditional Pork Scratchings

6.0 – Picks Butchers, Dorrington – Pork Scratchings

1 comment:

Z said...

Making your own pork scratchings is so worth the bother. Fabulous.