Wednesday 4 August 2021

G Simmons & Sons - Pork Crunch

 Review by RMS Twitter mate @LittleVillan71

Name of product

G. Simmons & Sons Pork Crunch


£0.55 for 30 grams, which works out as £1.83 per 100 grams – bought from Asda.


3.5 Mild saltiness with a hint of artificial flavouring which leaves a slight after taste. Good taste of porky crackling.


4.0 I like softer scratchings, but not too soft that end up eating dust in your mouth and coughing like you have Covid. These are soft but retain a good satisfying level of crunch. 

Soft bits/hard bits ratio

2.0 All soft and no nasty hard bits.


4.0 I found them very easy to eat and would eat more of them with or without a beer.

Worth the money?

2.0 Low cost but a great scratching for the price if you like softer scratchings. Because they are lighter scratchings (Puff) you also see plenty in a bag for the volume of weight compared to that of the harder and denser scratchings, giving the appearance of great value for money.

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