Tuesday 27 April 2010

John's Old English Sausage

You‘ll find John‘s - or “John‘s Quality Butchers“ to give them their full name - just off the market place in the pleasant market town of Downham Market in Norfolk. It’s an incredible shop. As well as quality meat products you can buy almost anything else you may be looking for! Preserves. Vegetables. High-end sports cars. Space hoppers. Russian brides. OK, maybe not a Russian bride, but pretty much ANYTHING else, it’s a wonderful place.

If you visit on a Saturday there‘s a little market on the go as well, and don‘t forget to wander up the hill, round the corner, and visit the other exceptional butcher shop, T&M‘s. John‘s are open from half seven in the morning to half five at night, Monday to Saturday (closed Sundays), give them a try.

John’s also sponsor a local ladies netball team - sadly our request to attend a match - for research purposes - was ignored.

Meat Content:
These sausages proved to be rough and ready, and delicious for it! Not a great deal of refinement here, these have a good meat content (a pre-asking-what-the-meat-content-is sample) which will satisfy your carnivorous instincts nicely. There were a couple of pieces of gristle here too….I don’t really mind that as at least it’s bits of chopped up pig….some people wouldn’t like it so much.

Flavour:The second “Old English” sausage we’ve tried, and another very tasty banger. I think there’s a hint of stuffing with Old English’s, the kind that you’d eat with a roast chicken, so that must mean there’s plenty of sage in here, plus a dash of onion? Don’t quote me of course, I am not an expert, but that’s the flavour that came to mind. I enjoyed eating these, they were quite light as bangers go, and not too filling (meaning you can eat more, of course!).

Texture:You can see from the six slices picture that these bangers have a superb texture. If you likes it rough, these are the boys for you! John’s Old English are definitely the Joan Rivers of the sausage world, coarse, dry, and crumbly. Delicious! (The sausages, not Joan). I heartily recommend them, and very much enjoyed them for Sunday breakfast. Good work John’s!

Average weight uncooked - 72g
Average weight cooked - 57g
Shrinkage - 21%

Value For Money:How embarrassing. I have lost the pricing info for these sausages. Sorry. Try these bangers today!

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Affer said...

A lot of their pork is from the 'Gloucester Old Spot' pig - and thus to be commended! I like their bangers - I also like their pork pies (except for the pastry). Last year I had some ribs which were good. I think they are a bit short on sophistication, but do know their pig products!