Tuesday 19 April 2011

Perfick Pork - Great Ryburgh - Perfick Classic Pork Sausage

What a lovely warm welcome you get when you visit Perfick Pork! Just over the bridge on the right hand side, on the way into the long Norfolk village of Great Ryburgh you’ll find Bridge Stables. Remember, it’s immediately after the bridge!

David Smith is in charge, and was behind the counter when I visited. Wow, how enthusiastic can a man be about his work?! This enthusiasm seems to have been distilled into the business – the premises are very smart and exceptionally clean-looking. The displays of meat tempt you to say “I’ll have one of everything” (what a feast THAT would be). Even the staff uniform is smart, understated, and implies professionalism and high standards. Would their product live up to the surroundings?

We’ll see – after a little more information about Perfick. In a relatively short time this company has won impressive orders at some of Norfolk’s most prestigious destinations, including The HOSTE Arms at Burnham Market (Nelson’s birthplace), BLAKENEY Hotel at, well, Blakeney and BYFORDS at Holt. Impressive stuff, as this calibre of establishment doesn’t give house-space to mediocre food. And the public have been giving Perfick a vote of confidence too, buying over ONE TONNE of sausages every week! If you’re not close enough to visit in person, order from their website - PERFICK_PORK You will also be able to find the Perfick Pork stand at all the major agricultural and craft shows in the east of England.

And so to the sausages:

Meat Content:

These bangers taste Very Piggy. Perfick tell us that there’s 85% pork in every sausage – Duroc pork reared on their very own farm at nearby Binham. Sweet-flavoured, mild, proudly-British (despite the name) pork, there’s nothing to criticise in the choice of meat, it’s a knockout taste.


The strong peppery aroma from frying doesn’t dominate the taste. Far from it. These sausages offer a very, VERY well balanced breakfast banger. Some pepper is here though, as part of a great seasoning, and a full herby flavour fills the mouth and cuddles your taste buds. I never read any online description of bangers before I try them, in case my own observations are skewed by them – after enjoying the abundant herby-ness present here I find that there are eight different herbs within, rosemary, thyme, sage and ginger included. Altogether delectable.


These felt solid when they were uncooked. They assumed extra solidity during frying. And they taste deliciously juicy and slightly fruity? The casings crackle dramatically when cut and when chewed, and do a great job of keeping the just right amount of moist juiciness inside. Middle of the range coarseness in the filling helps these sausages to an above average texture. Bloody marvellous bangers.


Average weight uncooked - 64g

Average weight cooked - 50g

Shrinkage - 22%

That’s the lowest figure of 2011 so far. However, that’s not a particularly praiseworthy statistic, as shrinkage has been, on average, much higher than through 2010. Not too bad though, I guess, “the best this year ” still sounds pretty good.

Value For Money:

£2.36 for six sausages, weighing 381g - this works out as a price of £6.20 per kg, or 39p per snorker. Although I have to admit that RMS paid....a little.....less than the going rate. But look. Seriously. Thirty nine New English pennies for each of these lovely sausages? That, dear reader, is an absolute bargain by any standards.

The Bisto Factor:

Ahhhh, Pepper! You can smell a delicious peppery aroma from these chaps while they’re frying. I was surprised by this, but “Wow”, they smell lovely while they’re in the pan, and you can hardly wait to see how they taste.

Through A Child’s Eyes:

My seven-year-old sidekick wasn’t around when I tried these, but we went looking for the Perfick Pork stand at the Sandringham Spring Craft Fair the week after, and he LOVED them. So much so that, after trying two slices of sausage on the first visit to the stand, he pestered me to go back so he could have another. Indulgently, Julie and David played along and cheerfully offered their wares. Now that, from 7-y-o Sidekick, is pretty much a royal endorsement. I expect Perfick Pork will place an appropriate plaque over their door immediately.


JonnyB said...

Coincidentally, was passing there a couple of weeks back and popped in for the first time. And can second everything you wrote - really good natured and friendly bunch in there. BBQ stuff looked good as well.

Anonymous said...

Nelson was not born at the Hoste in Burnham Market. He was born in Burnham Thorpe.