Wednesday 25 August 2021

Pick's of Dorrington - Pork Scratchings

 Review by Lynda from Lincolnshire

Pork scratchings from Picks butcher, Dorrington, Lincs.

 £1 for 100grams.

Good and savoury but not enough seasoning for my taste. Score 2.

Most of the pieces were extremely crispy with not much of the soft, salty parts. Score 2.

Soft bits/hard bits ratio: 
Nearly all hard bits. Score 1.

I picked out the ones I could get in without biting as they were so crispy I feared for my teeth! The one I did bite actually shattered it was baked so well. Score: 1

Urgh bits: 
No yucky bits here so no points deducted.

Worth the money: 
No, sorry. Not for me.

Total score = 6

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