Tuesday 12 April 2011

King's of King's Lynn - Pork & Spring Onion Sausage

As a starter for ten, King’s of Wisbech Road, make the best pork pies in King’s Lynn (in the opinion of me and Old Bob), and probably for miles around. Absolutely flipping delicious. Buy one tomorrow. But how are they at making sausages?

Last week we reviewed a retail pork and spring onion sausage. This week we review the same variety, but made by a proper butcher. Coincidence? No! We don’t just throw this stuff together you know. I should tell you a little about King’s before we rate their sausage.

King’s are located on Wisbech Road in South Lynn. If you know where the post office is, you’re in the right place. This shop doesn’t just sell meat though, oh no, at King’s you can also buy all your fruit and veg, all sourced from Very local farms. The vegetables are lovely and “real”, not all the same size and shape, but varied, just how they should be. This is a great local shop that I wish was a mile closer to where I live. The staff are really pleasant too and always ready for a chat over the chops.

And so to the sausages:

Meat Content:
These are firm and chunky. They morph from floppy uncooked tubes of meat to solid, stocky, pit-bulls of pork. Although there seems to be little fat or gristle or other undesirable stuff here, the proper pork dominates. Mind you, I am not averse to a few rogue bits and pieces in my bangers, I think it all adds to the whole “proper” sausage experience.

A warm initial flavour. Sage, salt, pepper, all as you’d imagine and expect. The background heat endures as you chew through each mouthful. I was hoping for the spring onion to come through quite strongly, but it didn’t really happen – there was a hint, but that’s all. Having said that they taste like a Good quality, hand-made pork sausage, miles better than your supermarket stuff.

King’s sausages are very firm, and actually quite tough to push apart with the fork – this is a good thing. They are solid to cut but they fall apart in the mouth in a luscious chunky avalanche of chopped pork morsels. A very high score for a very well put together banger.


Average weight uncooked - 70g
Average weight cooked - 53g

Shrinkage - 24%

Par for the course in 2011.

Value For Money:

Errm…..right. I have mislaid the pricing information for King’s. Sorry.


Sausage King said...

Your reviews, as ever, are excellent. I can feel an undercover in Kings Lynn coming on....

Farah said...

I like the presentation style in this photo very much. Very artsy. Great job.

Rate My Sausage said...

Ladies and gents, please mind your manners, The Sausage KING is in the building! Greetings Your Highness. Sausage? Or Ferrero Rocher?

And hi Farah....everyone, this is our American correspondent, please say hello!