Saturday 14 August 2021

Musk's - Pork with Colman's Mustard - Part 1

 Reviewed by our Hertfordshire correspondent Anthony Gascoigne (@AGascoigne77)

Colman’s mustard! What better condiment to put into a banger and being a total yellow mustard lover, I couldn’t wait to break open the bright yellow packaging and get some cooked up for dinner.

On first inspection the sausage had a faint pale-yellow tinge and mild mustard aromas which gave suggestion to the fire which lay within.

So which cookery method for these perfectly formed bangers I asked myself. Summer, BBQ vibes entered my head and swiftly left after the first heavy rain shower. So back into the kitchen and out with the frying pan, my own preferred cookery method for the humble sausage.

With an allotment full of potatoes and spring onions I thought sausage, champ potatoes and some rich onion gravy, after all my go to condiment to support this dish is always the mighty Colman’s mustard. No pressure then Musk’s I thought.

Setting the pan on low the sausages browned nice and evenly with no visible shrinkage at all suggesting some high-quality pork content. It’s always nice when the skins don’t split or burst, and these Musk’s sausages did not disappoint.

So, to the tasting and I should mention at this point that this was a tasting of two very different halves. On one side myself, a total mustard freak, stronger the better and only satisfied when tears are rolling from my eyes. On the other, my wife Adel, the total opposite with a very much finer palate and sensitive to the very suggestion of heat and spice. Together we picked up knife and fork, chinked wine glasses and dug in.

First thing to register was how soft the sausage was, no less meaty than I like but certainly a well-blended filling and the skins are a perfect balance of being robust enough to not split, yet soft enough to not need a second person to do the chewing for you. And then came the flavour, what’s that I sensed, yes, the delicate underlying flavour of that yellow, golden wonder stuff known more commonly as Colman’s mustard, Liquid gold some may even say. And it was at this point our thoughts differed. Whilst Adel reached for the glass with a slight sweat on her brow, I was waiting for that nasal punch of mustard I so love. But this was something more refined and restrained. Certainly, with the unmistakable flavour but something perhaps the masses, even those strange non mustard lovers out there, will enjoy. Clever blending Musk’s you obviously know your sausages. And besides commented Adel ‘you could always have some more Colman’s on the side to fire it right up”. So, I did.

Many thanks Musk’s and Colman’s for creating a mustard sausage with a satisfying hum of heat for the masses. Delicious!

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Karelia said...

What a delightful read, and as a lover of good quality sausages and English mustard, I shall now purchase some of these. Thank you Anthony.