Wednesday 12 May 2021

Musks - Marmite - Part 4

 By our Lincolnshire correspondent Nikki (@nikki_inthesun)

Do you believe in fate? I do. Several months ago I stumbled across Rate My Sausage. I did guffaw in a very childlike manner until I realised this guy was serious about sausages! Who doesn't like a good sausage? I started following them and very quickly found myself one of the testing team. First it was Pigs in Blankets then it was Plain Pork Sausages. I couldn't believe my luck when I was asked if I wanted to test the Marmite Sausages from Musk's. I was probably slightly too excited at the prospect of having sausages delivered by courier (lockdown has got to us all right?)

There were very mixed emotions in the house about these. I've always frowned upon all the brands that have partnered with Marmite, don't get me wrong I'm very much on team 'love it' but some combinations just don't work. A point which has been reminded to me often by my eldest child. Out of principle he refused to try these bangers. Well more fool him, it just meant there were more for me.

You'll have already gathered here that I approve!

The packaging was simple, smart and left you in no doubt what you were about to eat.

The raw sausages looked much nicer than I had anticipated. There was a lot of scope for a Marmite sausage to be a very peculiar looking item.....

I decided I was going to make a sausage butty I didn't want to give these any place to hide. I read the cooking instructions and opted for the frying method. They cooked really well and only one sausage split slightly. There was only a very small amount of fat that came out of them and they didn't shrink during cooking. All good signs in my mind.

Again for the interests of not masking the flavour I ate the sausage butty naked. No! The butty was naked not me! I omitted the usual brown sauce.

The blend of flavours was perfect. The pork was really, really tasty. The Marmite was just the right amount. Not overpowering but you knew for sure what you were eating.

One of the teenage testers let out a sound of joy at the first mouthful. Yup you read that right, a teenager was happy!

We did all comment that the sausages were sticky, we all found ourselves lacking our teeth clean. This is not a complaint it was a sausage that kept on giving.

So yes these Marmite Sausages are a definite hit. I don't even have to worry that no one near me stocks them as you can order online and have them delivered to the door. They arrive in fantastic packaging which kept them at a desired temperature. I've even kept the packaging to reuse.

Highly recommended!

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