Sunday 1 August 2021

Midlands Snacks - Traditional Pork Scratchings

 Welcome to the first ever RMS pork scratchings review!


£0.99 for 40 grams, which works out as £2.47 per 100 grams.


2.5 decent saltiness and deffo pig in there.


2.5 as it's the first review we'll go down the middle, a solid 2.5 for texture.

Soft bits/hard bits ratio

1.5. I'm a soft bits fan so the slight predominance of the crunchies wasn't perfect for me. However the poll on RMS seems to show that most people prefer the hard bits, so what do I know?


1.5 A decent offering for now, this will become more critical as reviews are done. But for now, yes, who doesn't want more scratchings?

Urgh bits

No trace of anything yucky here, good work Midlands Snacks.

Worth the money?

Nearly a pound for this pack. Is it worth it? Not 100% sure so will have to dodge this category this time.

A decent (maybe) score of 8.0 for this first pork scratching under the microscope. Top of the league!

If you want to know more about Midlands Snacks and pork scratchings check out their website: Midlands Snacks

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