Wednesday 12 June 2019

Pork Pie Of The Month - June 2019 - Manor Farm Shop, Leasingham

Welcome to the new edition of Pork Pie Of The Month! And we’ve found a  right tasty pie for the first in the series. ..

This pork pie was bought at Manor Farm Shop in Leasingham, but the credit must go to butchers par-excellence Southern & Thorpe in nearby Ruskington. Priced at £2.99 for a good size pie we really enjoyed road-testing one of Britain’s favourite pastries.

It appears rustic and home-made which is just what we want.  The score for appearance would have been a little higher if the pie hadn’t erupted over itself out of its top hole. Which sound quite rude when I read it back.

When you cut in this pie holds together very nicely unlike a lot of mass-produced competitors. There’s a good amount of jelly but, as a jelly lover, I wish there had been even more.  The filling is hand mixed and is made up of lovely large lumps of porky goodness which surrenders an authentic flavour.  Again, miles better than the filling squirted out of tubes in the factory versions.

There’s a nice and subtle peppery after-taste which we loved, and altogether this is a really good quality pork pie. Here are the scores on the doors:

Appearance & Aroma  - 3
Filling – 3.5
Pastry - 4
Jelly – 3.5
Total – 14
Price £2.99

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Z said...

Ooh, pork pie. There are a couple of places in Yagnub that sell home-made pork pies. One, I can't remember which unfortunately, is very good though, like this one, not quite enough jelly. My mum made a mean hand-raised pork pie, but she never taught me the knack, which is a pity.