Thursday 6 June 2019

Primal Cut Ltd - West Yorkshire - Sicilian Sausage

You won’t have seen Primal Cut products on the shelves of your local supermarket, they simply don’t sell in those kind of places. Primal Cut is an online business and I’ve found their standard of customer service to be exceptional.

Good service and innovative products are not exclusive to Primal Cut, but they do offer something that is rare, if not unique – everything they sell is Free From a whole host of allergens, meaning that the whole family can enjoy the same meal even if there are family members with allergies to beware of. The full list of free from items reads as follows; gluten, artificial preservatives, soya, sugar, dairy, nitrites, fillers, shelf life extenders, artificial colours, bread, rusk and oats. An impressive roll-call, and they are certified by Coeliac UK.

They have a very nice website if you would like to spend some happy time perusing, just click here: PRIMAL CUT LTD

Where To Find Them:
The company is based in the village of Burley-in-Wharfedale, which is located half way between Ilkley and Otley in West Yorkshire. Burley originated as a fortified Roman settlement and later developed into an industrial place which thrived during the Industrial Revolution when most of its inhabitants were employed in nearby cotton mills.  The mills were powered by a man-made channel taking water from the River Wharfe – this channel no longer powers mills but is used to generate hydro-electric power instead. The village was home to Yorkshire TV legend Richard Whiteley until his sad passing in 2005, and Ryder Cup captain Mark James still lives there. Primal Cut is predominantly an online operation but you can pick produce up by prior arrangement – phone 01943 511564 or email

I bought through the internet so didn’t spot any staff...however the two main players are Michael and Kate Oliver – Michael is the sausage expert and Kate cooks up delicious sounding recipes using their own produce.

Wow, these are some tasty bangers! The garlic and fennel are proudly to the front and in ample quantities – you won’t be kissing anyone after you’ve eaten these (unless they ate the same). These two powerful big hitters in the flavour stakes are supported to perfection by the lightness of the free range Yorkshire pork, supplied by Anna’s Happy Trotters (check them, and their incredibly good animal welfare credentials out here: Anna's Happy Trotters) – no ears or anus in these sausages for sure. It’s such a rich combination of Mediterranean flavours, it’s like you’re eating Aldo Zilli’s larder. Delicious!

“Oh my goodness, oh my goodness”, as Adam Richman used to say when he tasted something truly beautiful on his famous Man Vs Food show. We love the filling of a sausage to be big, thick, coarse, lumpy, describe it how you will, and these Sicilian specials match the ideal almost to perfection. Just look at that picture with one of them sliced open. The skins are good too, but overshadowed by the filling. These are some niiiice bangers.

Vital Statistics:
Average Weight Uncooked = 71 grams
Average Weight Cooked = 57 grams
Meat Content = 97 %

Value For Money:
£4.95 for 6 sausages weighing 423 grams. This works out as £11.70 per kg and 82p per banger.
We rate this as good value for money – a high price per banger but exceptional quality and taste.

The Imaginatively Titled Next Day Cold Sausage Test:
There were no survivors the next morning, so I can’t tell you what they taste like cold. But take this as a recommendation in itself.

And Finally, Esther:
High quality sausages, suitable for all dietary requirements, delivered straight to your door – what’s not to like?

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