Friday 27 February 2015

King's Lynn's Best Cafe Sausage 2015

It's back! The arduous quest to find the best sausage served in a King's Lynn Cafe has returned with a new 2015 edition.

We last looked into this in 2011 (a scary four years ago) so it's definitely time to do it again. Yes dear readers, Junior Sidekick and I will be putting ourselves in the fry-up front line on your behalf. But it will be a little different.

Check out our findings last time: BEST CAFE SAUSAGE 2011

In 2011 we rated four eateries and awarded a top-down points scheme for four categories, with the best place in each category scoring 4, the next best scoring 3, etc. This time we're rating the categories in a "secret vote" kinda way. And we'll be publishing a league table after each breakfast. Also, last time we tried the cheapest breakfast meal that contained a sausage, this time we're going all posh and opting for the second cheapest.

Yeah, I know, we've changed.

There will also be the incredibly anally retentive "Value For Money Co-efficient".

We've already made the first undercover visit and the second will be on Saturday 28 February. Will we own up and out ourselves to the proprietors?  Nope, but they may realise they've been visited when they find our trademark £1.23 tip after we've departed. Our sausagey "mark of Zorro"....

So keep your eyes on RMS for this cutting edge research....

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