Saturday 8 June 2013

How To Kill An Iceland Sausage #2 - Hit It With A Cricket Bat

We're trying to find ways to kill the disgusting-beyond-belief Iceland sausages.  Yesterday we rolled them off the roof, but the buggers didn't break.  Today we're taking the Young Ones route - hit 'em with a cricket bat!

Our opener was Junior Sidekick, right hander, middle and off please umpire.  Sausage enters picture at the top, JS hefts the willow....

A swing and a miss as the yanks say.  Sausage hits the deck bottom left corner while Junior Sidekick turns himself into a human corkscrew courtesy of the bat's momentum....half time and the ruddy sausages are ahead....

Next up is Slugger O'What-A-Toole.  Sticking out his tongue and gurning wildly, Slugger goes for the gap on the on side....

It's six and out as the sausage arcs gorgeously over the park boundary and onto the railway lines, just in front of the 1456 to King's Cross!  Sensing a win, by six runs, the Rate My Sausage team again swap high fives but come crashing down to earth as the umpire unusually rules "ungentlemanly legwear".

Defeat over the utterly crap Iceland sausage has been snatched from the jaws of victory.  Chav-style.

Iceland Sausages 2 Rate My Sausage 0.

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