Tuesday 1 June 2010

G W Frank's Pork Sausage

G W Frank. A butcher of some considerable reputation, located in Wisbech market place. I didn't have the means to take a picture of the shop, but really wish I had - this is THE archetypal butcher's shop window. All manner of delicious looking meat products, presented simply yet enticingly, and tempting the unwary passing carnivore inside. While I was there I witnessed day visiting tourists taking photos of the porcine smorgasbord to show to disbelieving friends and family upon their return home. I Will be returning to G W Frank's, and I Will record their wonderful window for your pleasure. Better frontage than Amii_(22)_from_Birmingham .

And so, avoiding the temptation to mix sausage-based innuendo and Amii (22) from Birmingham, let's get down to business. These bangers may have their knockers, but they must be mad. Any criticisms of G W Frank's sausages would simply be big boobs, cock-ups of huge proportions. Returning home with a two bag-loads of Franks' would be the most fun bags of pork you could get your hands on, definitely more than a handful but not a waste. Et cetera....

Meat Content:The meat content wasn't displayed on the pricing tab, and I forgot to ask. Ooops for me, and "tut tut" for Frank's. However, there is a definite good proportion of meat in these bad boys, and should satisfy your hunter-gatherer hard-wired instincts completely. Put it this way - if you stand in the middle of Wisbech market place and let loose your meat-seeking missile (try not to think about Amii (22) from Birmingham) it will have a sniff at the Royal Blue Meat Company's door and then head towards Frank's at the speed of light.

I am fairly certain that there must be some bacon included in these sausages. There was a rasher on the plate, but I could taste the Danish with the very first mouthful of banger. It worked well too, and the overall flavour was mild, with a very traditional, old-fashioned feeling. Very little seasoning or herbs and spices to tickle your tastebuds, but a nice, proper flavour that won't disappoint you.

Texture:You can see that these chaps look good before they even hit the frying pan, with a wealth of attractive multi-coloured speckles apparent under the casing. And when cooked and sliced, you can enjoy the coarse-chopped filling to the full. If you like your bangers smooth and uniform look elsewhere, every cut into Frank's pork sausages gives you a different texture to savour.

Average weight uncooked - 59g
Average weight cooked - 48g

Shrinkage - 19%

Value For Money:£2.89, for six sausages, weighing 356g - this works out as a price of £8.12 per kg, or 48p per snorker. I was a little surprised when I did the maths, as the displayed price was £7.90 per kg.... These are quite good sausages for a quite high price. Not outstanding but not a rip-off.


Affer said...

I've had various types of snorker from Frank's - but never a bad one! If it's something porky you want to eat, Frank's will have it. Great place.

Anonymous said...

You wont get a better sausage than these