Thursday 8 April 2010

Stop Press! Bowers Win King Of The Bangers!

Breaking news live and direct from The Woolpack, King's Lynn....

Bowers of Gaywood have walked away with the 2010 title of King Of The Bangers, in the face of incredibly tough competition.

More to follow in due course, but congratulations to Richard Bowers, creator of the prize-winning banger.


Sausage King said...

A worthy winner but some very high quality competition!

I enjoyed trying all of them!

Wartime Housewife said...

Well done them.

I have completely changed my sausage eating habits thanks to your blog and now apply the same criteria to snorkers that I have always applied to meat. Eat good quality, properly reared and produced meat or don't eat it at all.

Well done to you as well.

Affer said...

At the Sandringham Craft and Food Fair, I purchased some Scottish 'Lorne ' sausage, or 'square sausage'. It was no threat to Bowers best.....or anybody else's!