Monday 10 May 2021

Musks - Marmite - Part 2

By our Essex correspondent Steve (@Essexbeano)

First impressions were of a solid heavyweight sausage , they look big and meaty as soon as the cone out of the box. The marmite is not really apparent until they start warming up in the pan and the skin takes on a sticky texture as the marmite starts oozing through . Then the aroma hits you and it’s unmistakably marmite , at the end of cooking there was very little fat in the pan , good meat content. 

Flavour was as you’d expect .. marmite.. quite strong but not overpowering, very nice and kind of tangy, like a quality beef sausage.

Texture was non greasy, almost crumbly with a sticky residue of marmite , quite unique and luxurious. 

Overall it was a taste sensation, my 15 year old daughter also gave it the thumbs up. I would like it more as a dinner sausage than breakfast, it would be superb in a mixed grill with a couple of chops , grilled tomato and peas, maybe a drop of Tiptree brown sauce on the side.

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