Sunday 29 November 2020

Perfect Cheese On Toast - Part 1 of 8

 Cheese on toast, a quick and easy comfort food right?

Well, not necessarily. We here at Rate My Sausage have decided to diversify from good old bangers and try to find the perfect way to make this simple snack.

For starters we've made it the way we believe 90% of people might do, namely:

1 Toast the bread

2 Place sliced cheese on the toast

3 Melt the cheese under the grill

4 Eat (splashing with Worcestershire sauce optional).

This must be one of the simplest recipes known to man, and it produced a really tasty, and quite hearty lunch.

Over the coming days we're going to road-test other cheese on toast methods to find out if they can beat this good old simple style. Did you know that in 2013 the British Cheese Board researched a mathematical formula for the perfect version? We'll be making it tomorrow.

I asked others and here are some of their methods:

Chantelle “white bread, sliced or grated and any cheese. But under the cheese I have...Sliced onion. Sliced tomatoes, Branston pickle is a good one, Tomato sauce only a thin layer, And then grill it”

Wayne “Roberts thick toast bread, melt Edam, pour over toast

George “White bread lightly toasted. Then add marmite and then sliced cheese and grill. Wonderful

Nikki “Sliced together loaf. Depending on my mood either some onion under the cheese so it cooks slightly or a drizzle of marmite over the top when it comes out of the grill. I've a friend who swears by mango chutney with it. Not got round to trying that yet.

Deno “Worcester sauce

Mason “Whatever bread is present and open. Sliced cheese not grated. Only addition for me is Lea and Perrins.”

Ash “Home made thick slice of doorstep white bread, loads of grated cheese (usually just a mild cheddar as that’s what we buy in most for the kids) then loads of Worcester sauce on top before it’s grilled, when grilling no burning of the cheese allowed, serve with optional pepper

Sarah “Bread (toasted) butter, marmite, red sauce, cheese, under the grill”

Andy “Add some Branston pickle”

Estelle “White bread, sliced Red Leicester, under the grill till just bubbling. Add brown sauce – perfection”

Ruth “Brown or white, sliced with Worcestershire sauce”

Lynda “Thick white bread lightly toasted in toaster, then Red Leicester cheese, Worcester sauce. Lightly grilled"

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