Tuesday 29 January 2019

Dorset Meat Company - Pork Sausage - Reviewed by Boris the Irish Water Spaniel

We’re not known for innovation but we think this is a first – the world’s first ever sausage review written by a dog. In this case written by Boris the Irish Water Spaniel.....here he is....

As promised here is my review of The Dorset Meat Company’s lovely pork sausages. I am quite an expert on sausages and rate this as the best one ever ! 10/10 .The only negative thing is that mother over cooked them as she likes them well done - it went very quickly!

Not only do I and my brothers and sister eat cooked sausages as a treat we also eat a raw diet. We love meat in this household!

If you would like to peruse the products from the Dorset Meat Company then click on these links:

And to wrap up this ground-breaking tour de force, here is how Boris' owners enjoyed their bangers - in a sausage and onion sandwich. Thanks for the review Boris, look forward to the next one!


Vinogirl said...

Good dog.

Jane said...

We are delighted that Boris enjoyed our sausages so much... Jane