Monday 11 April 2016

Sausages Versus Beers Of The Americas - Preview

As John Anderson used to bellow on Gladiators...."Contenders READY". The beers of the Americas have been sourced and on Friday we will be going beyond the call of duty and testing which of them works best with sausages. As always, it's a tough job but someone has to do it. On this occasion I will be joined by my rather hot girlie, for her first foray into this dangerous business.

We are open for suggestions for the scoring system, complicated is good....

What a handsome line-up. Feast your eyes upon this west-of-the-Atlantic hangover-in-waiting....

Cucapa Clasica (Mexico) and Cubanero Fuerte (Cuba)

Brahma (Brazil) and Brooklyn Insulated (USA)

Sleeman Honey Brown (Canada) and Quilmes (Argentina)

Banks Caribbean (Barbados) and Cusquena (Peru)

All beers were found at the world's best shop, Beers Of Europe near beautiful downtown King's Lynn. The spirit of Oliver Reed walks the aisles....

1 comment:

Don Stevens said...

Looking forward to the reviews.

Great to see that you have stayed away from some of the watery weasel urine that Budweiser, Coors et al sell in a beer bottle.