Thursday 2 August 2012

Help The Black Farmer!

A call to arms, Sausage Fans!

The Black Farmer sausages were some of the first we reviewed, and we liked 'em!  Still do actually, we occasionally pick them if we need a guaranteed good sausage off the shelf.

Wilfred is the name of the Black Farmer himself, and he has issued a rallying cry that I implore you to support.  Tesco ("spit") have threatened to remove Wilfred's sausages from their shelves, saying that he doesn't sell enough for them, and he has no fans.  Well there's lots to disagree with here!

The Black Farmer's sausages are all gluten-free, thus allowing coeliac sufferers to enjoy decent bangers, and to find them easily.  OK, maybe Tesco sell more of their own-brand monstrosities, or other bloody awful brands like Richmond or Walls, but if they remove Wilfred's products they are denying the coeliac market their beloved bangers.

Is profit more important than actually caring for your customer and trying to provide them with products they can consume?  Well, it's Tesco, so go figure!

There's a campaign on the go.  Please visit their Facebook page to find out how you can help.  And please, please do so:

Do we have an anti-Tesco policy?  Not particularly - we recently LOVED their Pork & Red Leicester sausages.  We DO have a problem with massive conglomerates taking a dump on hard-working food producers (dairy farmers of the world unite), and we want to try and maintain a supply of niche foods to the mass market.

Come on Sausage Fans!  Once again, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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