Tuesday 31 July 2012

Gary Boyce - Methwold - Pork Sausage

First off, we’re not claiming that Rate My Sausage can change the world, but since last Tuesday’s “Value For Dairy Farmers” appeal the country has gone crazy!  Three thousand farmers have blockaded dairies in protest, and the whole issue is to be debated in parliament (whenever they go back, they have even more time off than teachers). 

Gary Boyce was recommended to me yonks ago (incidentally, how long is one yonk?  A year?  A month?), and I have had several attempts at a review.  This time Gary’s sausages have finally made it to publication, were they worth the wait?  To paraphrase Harry Hill, there’s only one way to find out – frrrryyyyy!

Meat Content:
Very good quality Blythburgh pork, the standard is clear to taste.  Butcher Gary told me and showed me examples of the prime cuts that are used to fill these sausages.  There’s no rubbish in here, and as Canadian rockers Sum 41 would say, it’s “All Killer, No Filler”.  The pork is juicy and delicious.  Gary also told me – off the record – about the parts of pig that other butchers are using....yuk.  I wish I could share, but, you know....principles etc....

“Oh my goodness, oh my goodness”.  Fans of the mighty Adam Richman, and his perfect TV show Man Vs Food, will know that “OMG, OMG” is shorthand for “Good Lord, Janet, this food product is truly of the most magnificent quality.”  Boyce’s bangers are piggy perfection, seasoned subtly to perfection and providing a full, deep mouthful of sausagey heaven.  The flavour is....big (sorry, sometimes I can’t describe what I’m tasting) and I thought I detected a hint of tomato?  Or something else a bit veggie?  Maybe not.  There’s no over-salty afterburn, no spicy nip, just a magnificent, delicious flavour that would make Adam Richman weep with joy.

Look very good cut open, tempting and easy on the eye.  Moist and juicy throughout.  These have, for Rate My Sausage’s taste, the perfect texture, no exaggeration.  Millions of gorgeously flavoured morsels tumble apart with a firm push, but stick together temptingly beforehand.  Large chunks, lovely and light, a real treat.  I can’t praise these sausages highly enough.

Average weight uncooked - 66g
Average weight cooked - 59g

Shrinkage - 11%

If Gary Boyce can do it, why can’t others?  11% is a lovely, very low figure.

Value For Money:
£5.00 for 12 sausages, weighing 792g - this works out as a price of £6.31 per kg, or 42p per snorker.

I found these bangers to be very cheap considering the absolutely outstanding quality, HOWEVER!  The charge of just £5.00 was somewhat discounted, and I forgot to ask the retail price for the general public, sorry!  Still, you have to try these works of porky art as soon as possible, as they are definitely fabulous value for money.

Opening Hours:
As per the photo, but here goes anyway:
Monday: 0830 – 1300.
Tuesday: 0800 – 1300, then 1400 – 1730.
Wednesday: 0830 – 1300.
Thursday: 0800 – 1300, then 1400 – 1730.
Friday: 0800 – 1300, then 1400 – 1730.
Saturday: 0730 – 1300.
Sunday: Closed.

Marvellously bonkers, just the way we like it!

And Finally, Esther:
Sometimes reviewing sausages is truly a chore, but when you find a winner like Gary Boyce’s pork sausages it’s definitely the third best pastime in the world.  Such fun!


Kate said...

Chicken and Thai baby octopus?


Rate My Sausage said...

Good spot Kate, what an amazing range of sausages! I want to try all of them....

Methwold Resident said...

Rate my sausage - have you tried Gary Boyce's Steak Pie - really lovely no gristle and a very rich gravy - just like my nan used to make