Friday 6 April 2012

Sausage Of The Year 2011

Rate My Sausage's "Sausage Of The Year for 2011 is Pickup's Pork Sausage.

Pickup's were one of the great butchers that we found at Blackburn Market.  Of their Pork Sausages we wrote "Tangy and tart with a sour tone present.  Does that sound unpleasant?  It’s not meant to.  The pork contained in Pickup’s prime pieces is exceptionally sweet, and when it’s mixed with the seasoning and flavouring here the combination is a winner.  Savoury and sweet flavours go together beautifully in many dishes and cuisines, and Pickups have created a match made in sausagey heaven.  If these sausages had their own Twitter account it would be “At Hashtag Bloody Underscore Gorgeous

Well done Pickup's!


The runner-up for 2011 is J H Betts of March, and their Pork Sausage.

"Good variation in shape and size. Splashed apart, these bangers defiantly offered up juicy, itsy bitsy morsels of sausagey splendidness. Superb! The natural casings are very evident.  These are thinnish, average length sausages, with a very good filling. Juicy, yielding, uplifting, utterly wonderful. Top marks!"


The third place banger for 2011 is Frank Littler's Pork Sausage.

Frank had taken a stand against Blackburn council's market rent increases and opened a shop in the nearby village of Mellor.  "Oh wow, these sausages are fantastic!  Meat, oh yes, there’s more yummy meat here than on Real Madrid’s massage table.  It’s rare breed pork, reared on a farm at Balderstone, and you can really tell the difference.  First impression was WOW, second and third impressions confirmed this – what a find.  More meat here than in the raffle at Heckmondwike Working Men’s Club."


And in fourth place for 2011 is J W Sargeant of Stowbridge, with their Regular Pork Sausage.

"Coarse and crumbly, and therefore (in my opinion) the mutt’s! Good sizzlers, decent amounts of fat expanded under the skin and squirted through during cooking. Sargeant’s Regular Pork sausages are very “break-up-able” when you put some pressure on the knife but otherwise stick together beautifully. Coarsely minced, well bound, just the way I like ‘em."

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