Friday 13 April 2012

Guest Review - Sue Imgrund - Nürnberger Rostbratwürstchen

Germany is a sausage-lovers paradise with an amazing variety of types to seek out and try. But I thought I’d start with something really quite commonplace – a humble little sausage that is nevertheless a winner.

Nürnberger Bratwürstchen are a speciality from the town of Nürnberg and their main characteristic is that they are tiny little things – not much bigger than what we Brits would call a cocktail sausage. The idea is to eat anything from six upwards in one sitting.

“ja!” is the Own Brand of one of the big supermarket chains here and is rather like one of those “basics” or “no frills” brands that the UK supermarkets do. But despite being “basic”, note from the packaging that these sausages came out top in a test of 19 types according to the German consumer bible Stiftung Warentest – a kind of German “Which?”

One traditional way to serve these little sausages is with Sauerkraut and a scoop of mashed potato. My son, aged ten, is more keen to eat them with baked beans, but that’s his English genes showing. They are also great for when you’re trying to rustle up a full English breakfast over here.

If you’re interested in the stats, here they are:
 Cost €1.89 for 300g or 14 sausages. That’s about 1.64 GBP or 12p per sausage.
Cost per kg is €6.30 or 5.47 GBP.

The ingredients are:
Pork 95%
Bacon fat
Herbs (mainly marjoram)
Diphosphate (sorry, not good at translating chemicals from German)
Saitling (as far as I know, the skin, which is probably sheep intestine)

There’s 31.3g fat per 100g and 351kcal per 100g but I don’t have a clue about whether that’s good or bad – these things don’t interest me!

All in all, delicious, meaty, good value little sausages, perfect for a mid-week meal.

Overall rating – not just “ja!” but “jawohl!”


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Edit on 4 May2012 - the winner of Sue's book was John M from Kent.  Thanks for entering!


Vinogirl said...

Weird packaging!

Rate My Sausage said...

I hope you mean the bangers not the book!?

Vinogirl said...

I meant the sausages, but now that you mention it that tiger is a little large!

Sue Imgrund said...

The tiger has had far too many sausages, but the weird packaging is the Bavarian flag or part of!

Sue Imgrund said...

How do you like the idea of a co-operation on a new piece of genre-breaking fiction, working title "The Sausages in Sarawak"?

Rate My Sausage said...

I'm assuming you're asking Vino, who writes very well. I would not be able to offer any writing ability at all, but could be technical sausage advisor??!

Sue Imgrund said...

Jolly well done to John M, and hope you enjoy the book!