Wednesday 20 July 2011

Which European Country Makes The Best Beer To Drink When You’re Eating Sausages Challenge - Final Part

Number 7
Germany.  Will they be the best or the wurst?  The wurst!  Geddit?  Fair play is essential in taste tests like this, so we deducted the Jerries ten points for cheating at the 2010 World Cup.  Ooooh, unlucky!

Country - Germany
Beer – Veltins Pilsener
ABV – 4.8%
Flavour – Classy!  Clean, fresh, hint of autobahn with Trabant overtones.  7.5
Head – Thin and didn’t last long.  Like Thomas Brolin at Leeds United, except he wasn’t thin.  1.5

Looks – Quite boring.  1.5
Better Than Fosters? Much.  Y.  2
BSCF – Does a German bier go with sausages?  Are you mad?  Yes!  4
Do Flies Like It? 0
Punishment For Cheating At The World Cup:  -10
Score – 11.3

Number 8
Greek alcohol.  Ouzo.  Retsina.  But beer?  Demis Roussos looked like he enjoyed a pint or two....

Country - Greece
Beer - Mythos
ABV – 4.7%
Flavour – Bitter, tangy, tart, rather good.  As Socrates said “Get it down ya son!”.  7
Head – Crappos!  1

Looks – Nice moulded bottle.  Good curves.  Attractive, for a Greek.  4
Better Than Fosters?  So much better.  2
BSCF – There’s a conflict here.  Imagine your mouth is Cyprus, the beer is Greek, and the sausage is a hairy Turk.  Not fab.  2
Do Flies Like It? 0
Score – 20.7


The Result

Belgium - 25.3

Italy - 22.6

Greece - 20.7

Holland - 20.0

Ethiopia - 18.0

Luxembourg - 17.8

France - 14.2

Germany - 11.3 (oooh, unlucky)

So, the best beer to drink with sausages remains the same - something brown and brewed in England.  Failing that go for something strong and Belgian.


Sue Imgrund said...

My (German) husband is muttering something about a Russian linesman having been involved in your challenge...

Rate My Sausage said...

Oooooh, unlucky!