Monday 18 July 2011

Which European Country Makes The Best Beer To Drink When You’re Eating Sausages Challenge - Part 2 of 4

Number 3
Can you name a beer from Italy, apart from Peroni?  Can you?  We worried whether the Italian lager would change sides halfway through the test and become a cider.

Country Italy
Beer – Birra Moretti
ABV – 4.6%
Flavour – 6.5
Head - 2
Looks – Cheesy.  Manufactured Italian?  BIIIIG glass on label, small bottle.  Embossed bottle, nice.  3.5
Better Than Fosters?  Y 2
BSCF – Good combination!  4
Do Flies Like It?  0
Score – 22.6

Number 4
The French are not well-known for their beer.  Even their wines are being bettered by newcomers like Iceland, South Sudan, St Helena and Macclesfield.  Bon chance!

Country - France
Beer – Kasteel Cru
ABV – 5.2%
Flavour – Harsh, snappy, but only for an instant.  Then disappointed.  3
Head – Goood (sic), thick head.  3.5

Looks – Looks like a bottle of champers!  “Cru” is like “Krug”.  Stylish, like the French.  3.5

Better Than Fosters?  No.  -2

BSCF – Not good.  Beer froths on impact.  Potential vomit situation.  1

Do Flies Like It? 0

Score – 14.2

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