Sunday 7 August 2016

How To Kill An Iceland Sausage - This Time It's Personal

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It was the summer of 2013 and your dedicated Rate My Sausage team decided to do the world a favour – and eliminate every single horrendous sausage from Iceland (the shop, not the country, let’s make that clear). Over a week we attempted seven methods of sausacide – and we failed.
The final score was RMS 2 Iceland Sausages 5.
You can catch up on how we let the world down by clicking the links to each attempt below.
It’s now the summer of 2016 and we’re going to try again to rid our planet of this sausage-y scourge. We want your help to choose this year’s seven methods – please select up to seven options in our poll, just on the right of this page. This year we are going to be VICTORIOUS!
2013 methods:


Don Stevens said...

Great to see the return of this series. Will the SPCA be after you for cruelty if they are fed to the ducks?
I'm keen for the Monty Python stoning.
Keep up the great work.

Rate My Sausage said...

Hi Don! We'll have an eye out for RSPCA vans, don't worry. The Monty Python Stoning scenario will involve false beards and blokes pretending to be women pretending to be blokes. Should be epic!