Saturday 19 March 2011

USA Review 3 - World Class International - Chicken Luganega

Yes, last time I promised a new report with sausage for Jambalaya. I had a setback buying the sausage that I wanted to use. My optimal choice was organic free-range Turkey Andouille, no casing. They were available at my local health food store a month ago, but as of last week, they had been replaced by yet more Italian sausage. This is most likely due to the Holidays. The owner was not there, so I wasn't able to ascertain when the Andouille would be back in stock. The research continues on the Andouille subject.

Meanwhile, the following sausage was bought from the regular mega-market grocery store chain.

Chicken Luganega

It took me a few tries to pronounce this sausage, because on the package it is spelled Lauganega. After consulting some recipes, it's my opinion that the proper spelling is Luganega. This kind of sausage hails from Northern Italy, however, it is normally made from pork. It is a rope of 1/2 inch diameter. One definitely needs tongs to turn this over in the pan or else it gets away from you. I had to improvise and use two spatulas because my tongs were in the dishwasher. Note to the wise, get a second pair of tongs instead of trying to wrangle it with two spatulas.

Ingredients: Chicken Breast Trimmings, Chicken Thighs, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Spices, Spice Extractives, Sheep casing.

What is a spice extractive as opposed to a spice? Is it a more concentrated form of spice or just a spice substitute?

Source: Distributed by World Class International Kitchens, Linden, NJ. I would like to know where the meat came from though.

Fatty Stats: 35mg cholesterol per link but it says link sizes vary, 310mg sodium, 11g fat, 3.5g saturated fat. No oil for the pan, no cooking spray, and not that much fat came out of it.

Price: $3.99 per pound, I had 12oz. so $2.99 for me. This lasted 3 meals so that would be about $1 per meal. Much tastier and healthier than anything on the dollar menu at your local fast food drive-thru. This is an important factor when trying to break the take-out/fast food habit. Although on the downside, the 2nd and 3rd meal were a bit drier and slightly less tasty.

Sniff Test (aka Bisto factor): My whole house smelled absolutely wonderful with this in the cast iron grill pan. Rich, succulent, comforting. I wish I could send the scent through your screens! I wish I knew for sure what spices were in there, the aroma was marvellous. I imagine the aroma would be even better on a charcoal grill.

Taste: Tastes excellent. Just exactly the right balance of spice, juiciness, aroma, and texture for a chicken sausage. The taste buds detected fennel, rosemary, garlic, black pepper, parsley. I would say this is more of a lunch sausage because it's a thin sausage and seems like it would be nice with a salad. It's got a lightness to it, satisfying, but not hearty in the sense of usual fatter sausages.

I would definitely eat this again if I really wanted sausage and organic alternatives were not available.

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Tony Sims said...

Great chicken sausage wish all shoprites carried it.