Tuesday 14 May 2019

Lakings - Louth - Wrisdale Special Sausage

The “Wrisdale Special” is an unusual name for a sausage so I asked about its origin. The amenable Andrew Wright of Lakings replied thus “It’s a sausage made by one of the butchers who has his own secret recipe, and if he is not at work we don’t have them available. Nigel Wrisdale, used to own Jacksons Butchers in the town several years ago before he retired. He came out of retirement a couple of years ago and came to work back with us, as this is where he started his butchery career. He started making his sausages again as we have customers that used to shop with him at Jacksons and wanted him to make them again.

So there you have it – these sausages are a rare commodity so I suggest you stock up with plenty when you next visit this shop. 

Where To Find Them:
Louth is a splendid market town situated in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. The town is located beside a glacial gorge formed during the last ice age, and hand axes have been found which may date back around 400,000 years. The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book as having 124 households. I love Louth as it remains defiantly anti-chain brands, and 70% of the shops here are independently owned. This makes it a haven if you love your properly produced foods, you could easily spend a fortune in the many tempting artisan food shops. Visit this super little town soon!

You will find Lakings butchers at 33 Eastgate, the shop front is smart and welcoming. If you want to use SausNav the postcode is LN11 9NB. They have a lovely website, which you can access here: LAKINGS WEBSITE

Environmental Excellence:
One lovely fringe benefit of shopping at Lakings is the packaging for their meat products. It’s made from felting and sealing pure wool which is environmentally benign and can be re-used several times. This demonstrates a clear commitment to the environment, and Lakings should be proud of their initiative.

Opening Hours:
Monday – 0830 to 1700
Tuesday – 0830 to 1700
Wednesday – 0830 to 1700
Thursday – 0830 to 1700
Friday – 0830 to 1700
Saturday – 0830 to 1700
Sunday - Closed

We visited on a Saturday morning and the shop, as with the rest of the town, was a maelstrom of busy-ness. They say that you can tell if a restaurant is any good judging by the number of diners – if you apply this logic to Lakings it must be good, as there is a constant flow of customers. These customers are served by a veritable army of staff, extremely smartly turned out and friendly and efficient with it.

Super, savoury, delicious! This tastes like a very good Lincolnshire sausage, the maker (Nigel, remember?) obviously knows what he’s doing. If I tasted these without knowing then I would declare that they were quality Lincolnshires. It’s a dark and brooding flavour which starts off mild but grabs your throat in a bomb burst of peppery loveliness. Ace!

Very impressed, there are really good sized lumps of lovely pork here. Just look at that picture with the fork!  I don’t know what setting Lakings use on their mincing machine but I think they may have taken a hint from Spinal Tap and gone for eleven. Great big bobbles of meat, crumbly, very very good texture. Can’t wait to try their Farmhouse variety.

Vital Statistics:
Average Weight Uncooked = 58 grams
Average Weight Cooked = 45 grams
Meat Content = 82 %

Value For Money:
£2.64 for 6 sausages weighing 346 grams. This works out as £7.63 per kg and 44p per banger.

We rate this as very good value for money.

And Finally, Esther:
This is a cracking sausage. I’ll be heading back to Louth soon to pick up some of Lakings’ famed Farmhouse bangers.

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