Wednesday 12 June 2013

How To Kill An Iceland Sausage #6 - Game, Set & Despatch!

Day six.  Can we eliminate Iceland sausages from the landscape?  It appears not. We're 4-1 down and staring down the barrel of the sausage machine....

This time we're trying sport again, and is it possible to thrash an Iceland sausage to smithereens with a tennis racquet? Let play commence....

A forehand thrash from Junior Sidekick.

An unorthodox overhead swipe.

YEEEESSSSSS!  We've damaged the seemingly indestructible Iceland sausage!  OK, it's not a fatal blow, but it's progress nonetheless.

And again, YEEESSSS! We've sliced the end off of one of the disgusting crap-tubes!

But! We found a better way to reduce crap Iceland sausages to nothingness....use the tennis bat as a grater.  OK, it makers a bit of a mess on the strings but the sausage is obliterated!

Grate, grate, grate.  Doing the world a favour JS!

Eventually we got fed up of grating and simply stamped on the bloody things.  Ye gods, look at that artificial skin!  Hideous.  We claim this as a win.

Rate My Sausage 2 Iceland Sausages 4

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