Thursday 12 May 2011

Too Much Of A Coincidence?

An amazing coincidence has happened.

This week I reviewed March Quality Meat's Cambridgeshire Gold sausage. Very unimpressed.

As the tabloids say, "an insider" told me that March Quality Meats are part of the same outfit that runs the Royal Blue Meat Company in Wisbech. Makes sense, as the two towns are so close.

I was equally unimpressed with Royal Blue's bangers. And amazingly, their review was published on 11 May last year, exactly one year before my tip-off., To The Day.

So, it seems that there's a link (geddit?) between the two poor sausage providers in the area.

Low quality sausages? I couldn't possibly comment. Are they the same sausage? Can't say. But they weigh exactly the same before you cook them. And I'll leave it to your judgement if you'd like to compare the photos.

Next week we're going to give the bloody awful Tesco a good kicking. Do keep reading....

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