Saturday 26 December 2009

Hunt The Sausage


One of the quintessential English foods. We love ‘em.

Sausages are as English as St George, chicken tikka massala, snooker, queuing, and losing in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

But sausages come in many shapes and sizes, and prices, and colours, and contain many different fillings. What’s the difference between a good banger and a bad one?

I am boldly volunteering to undertake painstaking research to sort the meat from the sawdust, the prime from the reconstituted. It will be a difficult journey, but I will not shirk from the porcine pathway. It will be a tough road to travel, but sometimes a man has to step up to the plate and sacrifice himself for the greater good.

I'll be stuffing myself with.....ahem....I mean "Reviewing" wide a range of sausages as I can get hold of. Local butchers. Farmer's markets. "Super" markets. I hope to give them all a fair crack of the frying pan.


Z said...

"Interested in sausages?" - I nearly marked that as spam!

Rate My Sausage said...

Why would you mark a simple culinary question as spam, hmmmm?

Z said...

Minced pork.

Also, I've got a dirty little mind.

Anonymous said...

Is that only local to you??? Norfolk? Or will you taste buds be traveling?

Sausage King said...

Hi Simon

Loving your work so far. You are front page news on my website!

Kind regards


Rate My Sausage said...

Anon, I intend to sample bangers from anywhere I visit, but for a start I've been in the local area.

Sausage King, we are indeed honoured by your regal porcine presence. Thank you for the compliment, and thanks for putting Rate My Sausage on the front page.