Friday 8 April 2016

Sausages vs Beers of the Americas!

Today I am venturing witth Junior Sidekick to the infamous Beers Of Europe super-offie, just a few miles from our King's Lynn base.

We're going to purchase beers from the Americas, to carry out a new test of sausages vs beer. It's a tough job, etc.

We previously compared European beers with their sausage synchronicity, and it was great fun. Trying to decipher my hand-written notes was almost as much fun as drinking the beer and eating the bangers. The reults are here if you want to check it out (still not sure how Ethiopia got in):

The new round of in-depth journalistic adventure will be carried out by me and my awesome young lady. It will be a difficult day for us both but we'll try to see it through and provide you with yet more invaluable sausage/beer information.

Keep frying!

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