Tuesday 12 June 2012

Keevil & Keevil - Smithfield Market - Cumberland Sausage

Our first ever cockney banger!  Keevil & Keevil are based at the historic Smithfield Market, London’s famous meat market since the dawn of time.  Please, please visit their website’s history page, it’s the best “About Us” section that I’ve ever seen, a right fascinating read:  Keevil-History

K&K are also one of the friendliest bunches of meat-mongers that I’ve dealt with, and we’ve shared a delightful on-going correspondence for the past week or three.  If you place an order with them I can guarantee a warm and helpful relationship, which the vast majority online retailers would struggle to match (let’s face it, most of them don’t even bother).  A special “Thanks” to the irrepressible Jo Wendes who has valiantly dealt with Rate My Sausage’s outrageous diva demands!  If this gives you the impression that I’m impressed, you’d be right.  So...website is good, customer service is exceptional.....what about the most important part, the sausages themselves?

Well.  Anticipation was high, and we weren’t disappointed....

Meat Content:
I couldn’t read the label but there must be at least 80% pork included as directed by the Protected Geographical Indication for Cumberland sausages.  Not over the top porkiness, the meat and seasonings combine sublimely.  The pork is here aplenty and is delicious, but doesn’t dominate the flavour.  Firm and chewy (in the right way), and a lovely size – each one is roughly 12cm long and full of those small crumbly fragments that Rate My Sausage craves and loves so much.   Well balanced and well proportioned (could do with the odd bit of gristle, but that’s just our speciality taste).

The first mouthful prompted a mental “Cor”, which is a high accolade.  Sweet base flavour, with the pork showing its splendid quality, these sausages taste utterly delicious.  There’s a mild warm afterglow in the throat which prolongs the yumminess.  It won’t blow your head off with heat, but it’s definitely there in the shadows, just how a Cumberland sausage should be.  A subtle flavour for adults, seemingly irresistible for children (see below), these are sausages that will please the whole family.

Delectably juicy, lovely skins on the bangers, giving a perfect snappy crack when Junior Sidekick cut into it.  Much to my delight they fall apart enticingly when you push them apart with your knife, and the same crumbling effect occurs when you chew them, releasing the gorgeous flavour for you to savour.

Average weight uncooked - 84g
Average weight cooked – 70g

Shrinkage - 17%

Good performance by the cockney challengers, under 20% loss seems to be unusual yet frugal these days.  Each sausage weighs more after frying than most of the other bangers that we’ve tried do before they even see the pan – make no mistake, these are big, rough and ready sausages designed to take on and defeat the hungriest of appetites.

Value For Money:
£9.00 for eighteen sausages, weighing 1500g - this works out as a price of £6.00 per kg, or 50p per snorker.  Delivery is way below the average for courier-delivered meat products, at a decent £3.50 – this obviously bumps up your price, but if you were to add in some of Keevil & Keevil’s other produce or just bulk-buy the sausages,  it wouldn’t be too bad.  Including the delivery charge, here is how the price varies according to the amount you buy:

One pack - £9.00 + £3.50 delivery = £12.50 – this works out as £8.33 per kg
Two packs - £18.00 + £3.50 delivery = £21.50 - £7.17 per kg
Four packs (this would last you a Very long time!) - £36.00 + £3.50 delivery = £39.50 - £6.58 per kg

Thanks to the fabulous quality I’m rating Keevil & Keevil’s Cumberland sausages as “very good value for money”.

The Bisto Factor:
Driven to distraction.  Working eleven hour nightshifts at a care home at the moment and I could hardly wait for these sausages to be ready.  They swamped our home with an utterly delicious, savoury aroma.  Yum yum yum!  Are they done yet?

Through A Child’s Eyes:
We lobbed a couple of these sausages onto our first barbie of the year, and the Junior Sidekick was impressed.  So much so that he sliced up most of his banger and used it to top the burger that he had lovingly hand-made for himself just minutes earlier.  Trust me, he doesn’t add any old rubbish to the 100% beef burgers that we create together, so this is a huge endorsement for these Cumberland sausages.  OK, he had to use a skewer to maintain the structural integrity of the end product, but judging by the speed that it disappeared down the hatch I can confirm that Keevil & Keevil’s Cumberland sausages are a definite hit with the nippers.

Opening Hours:
Open all day every day, via the internet.  You’ll need to check the website for delivery timings, but you can order whenever the heck you want to.

Buy some of Keevil & Keevil’s great meat today!


Sue Imgrund said...

Loved the history lesson - and the sausages sound totally scrummy.

Anonymous said...

Hi I've also had the famous P+M sausage your right they are divine..
One of My favorite was the minted lamb..though I wasn't too keen on the pork and apple.
I didn't relise these these fantastic bangers where keival and keival...I thought the p+m's where a sausage company that was based in leyton ?
I do agree they are fantastic..and in my eyes keival and keival are legends of Smithfield.

Rate My Sausage said...

Sue, you're spot on. The "About Us" page was written by Jo Wendes, my correspondent at K&K, and it's fab. It's just an example of the company's standards, which I found to be extremely high in every aspect. And that's unusual these days!

I really csn't praise K&K highly enough, although their Cumberland sausages could be improved, slightly.

Kerry, Quest, et al, are you listening?

Vinogirl said...

I know my mother would love these Cumberlands :)

Rate My Sausage said...

Vino, I am 100% certain that she would. Delivery to Liverpool is just £3.50, how's about treating her to an unexpected and unusual present? Oh, go on....