Tuesday 17 April 2012

C H Cook - West Walton - Plain Pork Sausage

C H Cook can be found in a small village called West Walton, which lies about three miles from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.  It’s definitely a one horse town, but they don’t make their sausages out of horses – I hope!  The welcome was warm but the shop itself was quite a disappointment.  It’s either an all round village store that’s taken the butcher under its wing, or a traditional butcher who has diversified into general groceries....and adopted the Londis brand name.  It feels a little sad.  Look at the picture of the shop and it looks drab, unloved, almost neglected.  It’s clear that Cook’s rely hugely on the trade of the villagers, and don’t feel the need to do very much to make the place look appealing.  Shame, really.

But this is Rate My Sausage, not Rate My Frontage (although if Keeley, 22, from Coventry would like us to rate her frontage, we’ll gladly comply) so I won’t say any more on the subject.  Let’s just press on to the business of the day, Cook’s sausages....

Meat Content:
70%.  Fair to middling.  Average.  OK.  There’s sufficient meat to have to chew properly, and you certainly couldn’t suck the filling of Cook’s sausages through a straw, as you can with the Bloody Awful Richmonds or Walls.  Reasonably meaty.

Initial thoughts – very sweet, hint of peppery afterglow when it’s gone down the hatch, pleasantly OK.  I suppose I was expecting too much from a banger named “Plain Pork”, and they’re acceptable as they are.  But there’s some spark missing, there’s no soul mixed in, and the result is like comparing the Jackson Five with JLS (ask your grand-daughter).  Not nasty, would do the job perfectly well at breakfast time.

Could be worse.  That’s not a ringing endorsement I suppose, but Cook’s have produced a mostly smooth filling with hints of crumble and a nugget or two or gristle (we like gristly bits!).  Close but no cigar; the texture of their Plain Pork sausages is “fine” – nobody will be offended by them, but when you push the flat of the fork down on it you’re presented with what are pretty much squirts of porky play dough.  We’d prefer the pork to be less mucked about with.

Average weight uncooked - 59g
Average weight cooked - 52g

Shrinkage - 12%

Fabulous shrink score for the Cooksters!  I wonder how?  Nice work.

Value For Money:
£1.16 for four sausages, weighing 234g - this works out as a price of £4.95 per kg, or 29p per snorker.  These are much better than major retailer crap, and are cheap too.  But simply because there’s not quite enough going on here, I’d rate Cook’s Plain Pork sausages as “good” value for money.

And Finally Esther:
The tone of this review, upon reading it back, is somewhat underwhelming.  These sausages are not world beaters, but they’ll make you a nice meal choice, especially at 29p each.  Give them a try!


Vinogirl said...

They seem very economically priced...

Rate My Sausage said...

You're right Vino, C H Cook have priced these sausages very competitively. They're not the best you'll ever eat but they're still head and shoulders above supermarket rubbish. A good choice if you're on a budget.

Vinogirl said...

So, more banger for your buck?

Severe Rambler said...

Hmm I would definitely favour this sausage over supermarket brands but as I eat meat only occasionally I think I'd be inclined to go for one a tad meatier.

Anonymous said...

It is loved! The meat is the best, they dont use horses, they get their meat from farms, and it is the best butchers in Wisbech!!! I get my meat from there and the staff are lovely, and the shop is clean, you are missing out big time if you think that C.H Butchers is terrible, because t isn't!!! The sausages are lovely!!! All of the meat is lovely, and everyone thinks that it s fine in there! So don't make it look/sound bad because it isn't!

Anonymous said...

This butcher is by far the best and most obliging in the whole area of Wisbech . The meat is very reasonably priced and of excellent quality . Much cheaper and better value than any supermarket. The staff are very friendly, the butchers experienced and very knowledgeable of their trade . The owner couldn't try much harder to please . Try the excellent competitively priced brisket of beef . The Cumberland sausages are superb and Lamb leg steaks melt in your mouth .On top of the butcery you have a well stocked competitively priced general store . What more could you ask for .

Anonymous said...

Excellent Butcher ,you get a lot more for your money than other butchers , the sausages are superb very tasty .